Levels of Fun learning

The first level of learning starts from the kindergarten section where classes commence for the age group of 2 ½ to 5 years. Pre-Nursery, LKG and UKG are the three steps the child climbs up to enter the primary school. Here children are taught to recognise, identify, team-up, speak, start writing, colour, stick, feel, taste and many more varied activities. The methods used are Montessori as well as Kindergarten methodology of teaching.

The Second level of learning starts with Primary schooling where the age group is slated from 5 and 1/2   to 10 years. At this level, children are introduced to proper subjects like Hindi / Kannada, English, Mathematics, Environmental Science. Students also learn work - experience (art & craft), Value Education, General Knowledge, Physical Education and Computers as graded subjects.

The Third level of fun learning starts from the age group of 11 to 13 years, termed as Middle School, where the curriculum broadens to help children to grasp abstract ideas and become more innovative. They are given more projects to learn the subjects better and comprehend the concepts to use in their daily lives. They are also introduced to a 3rd language with an option of Sanskrit / Kannada / Hindi.

The Fourth level of learning comprises of students in the age group of 14 to 16 years, termed as High School, where children are prepared for the board level examination. They are trained by being exposed to experiments in labs, viva, projects etc.; so that they are well organised and prepared before they appear for their board exams. They are also rightfully counselled to select their stream of choice, at their graduation level.

The Fifth level consists of Higher Secondary group where we offer Science and Commerce subjects. Options for Science field are: PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, BIOLOGY or COMPUTER SCIENCE.


Assessment Process

School periodically assesses the all-round development of a child, commencing from the kindergarten level. We have introduced CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) process as prescribed by the CBSE board from Class 3 onwards, till the 10th Std. . This includes assessment of a child in all spheres of the schooling life. Their projects; oral, writing, involvement in events, participation in competitions, sports, yoga, music, dance, physical education, art and craft etc. are assessed by the teachers and the students are given points or grades accordingly. Right from the start of these assessments, which go on throughout the year, percentages are taken to be included in the final results, at the end of the academic year.

 CCE Process Of Assessment

There will be two terms for the assessments; the first term will be from April - September and the second term from October to March, of the subsequent year.

  • Each term will have two Formative and one Summative Assessment.
  • Assessment will be indicated in Grades and Percentile rank.
  • The grading Scale for the Scholastic Domain is a nine point grading Scale given at the back of the card.
  • This will assess students for Work-Experience, Art Education and Physical and Health Education.
  • It will be assessed on a five point grading scale.
  • There are Descriptive Indicators which are statements used to describe each learner.
  • Overall Grade will be given at the end of each class sessions (annual report card) which includes Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Part 2: Consists of Co-Scholastic Areas,where students are assessed in two parts; Life Skills and Attitude and Values.

2(A): Life Skills: This consists of Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills which will be assessed on a five point grading Scale.

2(B): Attitude and Values:This consists of attitude towards Teachers, Schoolmates, School Programmes and Environment and will be assessed on a three point grading Scale.

Value Systems refers to the framework which must be developed right through primary to secondary level. These will be assessed on a three point grading Scale.


Part 3: Consists of Co-Scholastic areas wherein choice in participation and assessment thereof is available.This part consists of two sub parts.

3(A):Literary & Creative skills, Scientific skills, Aesthetic Skills and Performing Art and Clubs(Eco, Health and Wellness clubs etc.).

3(B): Eight different kinds of activities have been provided.

1. Sports/ Indigenous sports (Kho-Kho etc.)

2. NCC / NSS

3. Scouting and Guiding

4. Swimming

5. Gymnastics

6. Yoga

7. First Aid

8. Gardening/Shramdaan


The learner needs to be assessed on any two from the first sub-part and any two from the second sub-part.

Except Life Skills each of these Co-scholastic areas will be assessed on a three point grading Scale.  :




The nine point grading scale for measuring Scholastic achievements is reproduced below:   


Range Grade

Grade point





























5-point grading scale for measuring Scholastic B areas are as follows:








      • DMCS is one of the few top CBSE schools in Bangalore to achieve 100% pass percentage for many consecutive years.
      • DMCS has a fair representation of national as well as international students studying in its campus.
      • DMCS provides clean, safe and hygienic food in its canteen.
      • DMCS is one of the few eco-friendly schools to instate Rain Water Harvesting and Windmill Electricity Generation in its school campus.
      • DMCS is one of the first schools in Bangalore to initiate Organic Farming, wherein students are given responsibility to take care of the farming portion allocated to their class.
      • DMCS has a decent sports playground which is also used by several educational institutions in Bangalore.
      • The DMCS Library is a great repository of books and leading journals and has subscribed to multiple book agencies.
      • DMCS has one of the highest number of co-curricular activities in an academic year across India.
      • DMCS has been appreciated for it’s High School facility which has modernized and state of the art infrastructure.
      • DMCS has one of the best Computer and Science Labs, providing emphatic mentoring to its students.
      • DMCS conducts one of the biggest campus, Annual Celebrations in India –Gardenia Junior.
      • DMCS has its own in house magazine publication named – GEMS, an indigenous monthly publication applauded by the students and parent fraternity.
      • DMCS is one of the few CBSE schools in Bangalore which conducts mainstream activities and celebrations eg. World Literacy Day, International Women’s Day, World Humanitarian Day etc.- across the academic year.
      • DMCS, consecutively has been a part of the biggest debating platform “Verbattle” and has won umpteen laurels in the aforesaid forum.
      • DMCS conducts the biggest Football competition for schools across Bangalore called the Kickers Cup Tournament.
      • DMCS conducts the biggest Badminton competition for schools across Bangalore, on a yearly basis.
      • DMCS is one of the few CBSE schools in Bangalore with Dual-Campus facility- both driven with a common vision and unique spirit.


Special Programs

will be updated soon...

School Curriculum

Subjects Offered:

The School follows Ten plus Two pattern of Higher Secondary Education scheme of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

  • Play home/ Kindergarten - The early education programme comprises of Montessori and Kindergarten.

  • Class I : English, Hindi(II Language),Kannada (II Language),Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Health and Physical Education, Yoga, Value Education and Dance.

  • Class II : English, Hindi/Kannada (II Language), Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Health and Physical Education, Yoga, Value Education and Dance.

  • Class III – IV : English, Hindi/Kannada (II Language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Health and Physical Education and Value Education

    Optional Subjects:  Dance and Taekwondo.
  • Class V : English, Hindi/Kannada/French (II Language), Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit (III Language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Health and Physical Education, Yoga, Value Education and NIE.

    Optional Subjects:  Dance and Taekwondo.
  • Class VI – VIII : English, Hindi/Kannada/French (II Language), Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit (III Language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Health and Physical Education, Yoga, NIE and Value Education.

    Optional Subjects:  Dance and Taekwondo.
  • Class IX & X : English, Hindi/Kannada/French (II Language), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Health and Physical Education, Yoga, Taekwondo, NIE and Value Education.

Science Stream: a) English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Value Education and Health and Physical Education

                           b) English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Value Education and Health and Physical Education.

Commerce Stream: a) English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Value Education and Health and Physical Education.

                               b) English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Value education and Health and Physical Education.

Annual Report


Respected Chairman, Dr. Joseph V.G., Garden City Group of Institutions, Chancellor, Garden City University, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore,   Distinguished Guests, Parents, Teachers and Dear Children. A warm and hearty welcome to our Annual Day celebration –VIVACE- 2018- Celebrating the Spirit of Internationalism. It is my honour & privilege to present before you a brief report of the activities undertaken by the school during the Academic year.

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the Std. X students(2017-2018) for securing 100% result.15 students scored distinction in class X & 2 students in class XII. Jaya Srivastava scored the highest in class X board exam with 97%, followed by Sakshi N Ullal with 95% and Akhil Ajykumar with 93%. Jaya Srivastava was felicitated with trophy and certificate for scoring 99% in Hindi by Bangalore Sahodaya. Heartiest congratulations to you dear children, for making your alma-mater and family proud of your accomplishments.

Teachers Orientation Programme 2017-18 :
The month of May, saw an extensive Teachers Orientation Programme for the faculty members of DMCS by expertise from various fields.

This year, Deva Matha Central School celebrated Good Read Awards Day. The day commenced with a prayer session and a thankful note to our Honourable Chairman Dr. Joseph V.G. for blessing the library with a huge collection of books. The Chief Guest for the day was Ms.Usha Mukunda, Founder - Member of Centre for Learning, Bangalore. Students of Grade XII along with our Librarian Ms Kokila Vani visited the Government Lower Primary School, Horamavu and donated 500 books.

Founders Day
DMCS Banaswadi observed Founder’s Day on 18th June, 2018.
Dr. Joseph V. G. , Chairman, Garden City Group of Institutions, was abundantly thanked and blessed on this auspicious day. An Orphanage visit to St. Vincent’s House, Cooke Town made it a memorable day. The day was made unforgettable when DMCS Parents and staff also visited the orphanage premises. Fruits, food items, clothes were generously distributed to the inmates.

DMCS Investiture Ceremony
“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”-John Maxwell

Deva Matha Central School believes in giving opportunity to the maximum number of students to don the mantle of responsibility and be trained in leadership skills. DMCS – Banaswadi organized two Investiture Ceremonies for the I& II Term respectively for the academic session 2018-19. The student council members have gone an extra mile to take up social causes like saving electricity, health and hygiene, etiquette and creating awareness among their school mates. They put their best foot forward in instilling the values of discipline, punctuality, respect, honesty, to name a few.

Class Prefects are selected every month so that opportunities are given to more no. of students to shoulder responsibilities. 

iLEAD is a programme for the middle and high school students that addresses crucial life skills by enhancing awareness at a personal, societal and environmental levels. Counselling session are conducted for students & parents, every fortnight, with prior appointment by Ms AparnaAthreya, CEO, Kid and Parent Foundation.

Edu Sports
DMCS Banaswadi has introduced Edu sports to initiate a comprehensive Sports program from Pre-Nursery to Std. IV. Fundoo Days are organized for children to play, enjoy and take part in competitions. The program offers children an opportunity outside the classroom to improve fitness, build leadership and social skills and most importantly to have fun through sports.

This academic year we have introduced IMAX Curriculum for students of Kinderfun.
It highlights the modified method of teaching and activity based learning for Kindergarten age group which enhance their learning abilities. Classes are very interactive. Children enjoy every session that has been conducted in the class.

Gardenia Kinder, an interschool competition and a maiden venture by DMCS Banaswadi for Kindergarten, was conducted in the DMCS Banaswadi school campus on 21st July, 2018. The Chief Guests for the occasion were Ms. Usha Ravi - Counsellor and Educational Psychologist and Ms. Aishwarya Rangarajan- Actress and Musical Artist. A plethora of contests were conducted - a culmination of cultural and sports events. Gardenia Kinder witnessed participation by over 18 Pre-schools- marked by 250 participants; and more than 500 visitors. Food stalls, business stalls, flea market, jolly rides, pet exhibition, nail art, were among the many highlights of the day.

The Scouts & Guides classes have been conducted every Saturday, spearheaded by Ms. Aruna, Guides Captain and Ms. Vachana, Scouts Master .Orientation programme for parents of students who joined Scouts and Guides this year was held in the beginning of the year. Our Scouts and Guides participated in the Annual Rally at ITI Central School, K R Puram . They won awards for various competitions like Instrumental, Vegetable carving, Essay writing ,wealth out of waste, group singing etc. Taluk level Dwitya sopan testing camp was held at ITI Central School on 28th and 29th August .12 guides and 11scouts were qualified for district level . DMCS celebrated the Flag day on November 10th . Guests for the day were Mr Challiah, Nodal officer Bharat scouts and Guides and Mrs Victoria, Joint Secretary Bharat scouts and Guides .

Deva Matha Central School hosted Sportz Fiesta 2018, an Interschool Sports Event at the Garden City University Campus on 3rd and 4th of September, 2018. The Chief Guests for the day were Mr. M. S. Vijay-Public Relations (Retd), KPTCL, Deputy Director General 2010 Commonwealth Games and Ms. Sushmitha Pawar - Eklavya Awardee, Kabaddi(2014).We witnessed an astounding representation of 116 schools, with a swarming number of 3500 student participants. Vagdevi Vilas School won the overall champions trophy.

A wide assortment of games – of all diversities and variations was left open for students. The Valedictory function was graced by the Chancellor, Garden City University - Dr. Joseph V.G. Eminent sports personalities who have created a niche in the sports field were duly felicitated by our Honourable Chairman. The Sportz Fiesta will always remain as one of the most beautiful chapters in the history of DMCS.

Another feather is added to the DMCS cap. On 20th November 2018, a special edition of Times of India, Student Edition featured Deva Matha Central School in five pages. There were articles contributed by staff, students, parents and alumni. Students had the opportunity to visit The Times of India Office. The School Director Ms.Vrinda Coutinho and the Vice Principal accompanied them. They edited the content with the Editorial Team of The Times of India. This was a novel learning experience for our students.

DMCS has always been known for launching unique quality initiatives, which have inflated the quality quotient of the school. Keeping the aforesaid enterprise in mind, the school saw the inception of its maiden Debating Society named, Gezellig. It’s a round the year initiative wherein, students under the guidance of mentors, Ms Ranjeeta & Ms Madhurima - debate, discuss & deliberate on topics.

GEMS editorial team has given a special gift of 800 new handpicked words from the GEMS magazine to the DMCS students. Every day in the morning assembly-3 Gems New Words are handpicked and shared with the students. The Gems word list standee is also up for display within the school campus.

5 Teams comprising of 10 students represented DMCS, Banaswadi at the prestigious Verbattle Championship 2018. Two Teams successfully achieved the tremendous feat of representing DMCS at the Quarter Finals of Verbattle 2018 after emerging victorious amongst a staggering number of over 54 teams, spread over 80 schools.

Star Speller was introduced this academic year for Grades I-IV to enhance the spellings of our students. Students learn the spellings of difficult words from their lessons. This activity is conducted in the last week of every month. The Mega Finale will be conducted in the last week of February and the topper of each class will be announced as the “DMCS star speller”.

Book talk is an excellent way to communicate the excitement of reading and helps students to inculcate the habit of reading. Students are encouraged to speak about their favourite books & characters.

Students &Faculty from Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Madrid, Spain visited our campus to know about the Primary & Secondary Education in India. Our students exchanged information & interacted with them

Facebook - Thank you well-wishers, for your encouraging words on Facebook


“There’s nothing more important than our good health- that’s our principal capital asset”- Arlen Specter
Keeping this in mind, an Eye check-up, Dental check-up& General check-up were conducted for our students at DMCS, Banaswadi by a team of doctors from, Zamindars Eye Care, Dr. Ambedkar College & K R Puram General Hospital respectively. Doctors from Govt. Health Dept administered Tetanus Vaccine and DPT to students.

During special assemblies we celebrated World Environment Day, Ethnic Day, National Library Day, World Population Day, International Day Against Child Labour, International Yoga Day, International Day Against Drug Abuse, Global Forgiveness Day, Hindi Divas, Halloween Day, Kannada Rajyotsava, Grandparents Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, and the list goes on. These celebrations help children to understand the importance and significance of these days.


Students of DMCS, Banaswadi participated in the District Level, Interschool Taekwondo League, 2018 held on 24th November 2018 at Garden City University. 73 students won Gold, Silver & Bronze medals & certificates respectively. DMCS, Banaswadi won the Over All Champions Trophy. They were trained by Taekwondo coach Mr. Yoganand John and Team.

1. Heramb of Std 9 won Gold Medal at the Vifa Open State Level Championship, Gold and Silver Medals at JSOW Cup, 2 Gold Medals at Warzone Open State Level        & 1 Bronze medal at ISTL
2. Shabreeshan of Std 9 won Gold Medal at Warzone Open State Level
3. Arya Pramod of Std 9 won Gold and Silver Medals at JSOW Cup &2 Gold medals at ISTL
4. Jason Emmanuel of Std9 won 2 Gold Medals &1 Silver medal at the Vifa Open State Level Championship & ISTL respectively
5. Anantha Krishnan P of Std 4 won Gold Medal & Bronze Medal at the South West ITF Taekwondo Championship held in Kerala &ITF Taekwondo Championship held     in Bangalore respectively
6. Sanjana of Std. IV won the Bronze Medal and Gold Medal at the South West ITF Taekwondo Championship held in Kerala & ITF Taekwondo Championship held in       Bangalore respectively
7. Sohan of Std. III C won the Silver Medal at ITF Taekwondo Championship held in Bangalore

Event – Chess
1. Kalki Eshwar of Std. 9 won 3rd Place & 1st Place at 1st BNCF Grand Prix & 52nd ICA Under Sixteen Monthly Meet respectively, held at Bangalore

Event – Swimming
1. Darshan Sathish of Std. 9 won 2 Bronze and 1 Silver Medal at Indian Gymkhana State Level 2018
2. Vishal Sathish of Std. 4 won 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal at Indian Gymkhana State Level 2018

Event – Skating

1. Taniya Arun Kumar of Std. VII, won Silver & Bronze Medal at Open District Meet
2. Ron Mathew of IV won Gold medal, Skating Competition, under 10 category- Sportz Utsav ,2018 held at Decathlon.

Ojas Aggarwal of Std. II won 2nd place in the Interschool Toy Inline Competition for boys held at Green Field Public School

Our students won many prizes in the Inter School Competitions under various categories, Pot painting, Debate, Pencil Sketching, Collage, Solo & Group Singing, Nail Art etc. at “ASTRA 2018” held at Royal Concorde International School on 27th and 28th July 2018,at KALA UTSAV held at Vagdevi Vilas School, Marthahalli, on 18th Aug 2018, at VIGNAN UTSAV held at Vagdevi Vilas School, Whitefield on 1st Sep 2018, at SURVENIR held at St. Vincent Palloti College on 30th Oct 2018 respectively.

Four students , B. Harsha ( Grade VI), Harshid M (Grade VII), Deva Nanda Nair ( Grade IX) & Andrew Ethan Dudley( Grade X) have been selected for Inspire Awards ( District Level), Govt. of India Ministry of Science & Technology.

The Vice Principal , Ms Fabiola Ann Ignatius was given the “Best Teacher” award by SSR Group of Institutions during the Teachers’ Day Award- 2018.


Dr. Chittaranjan Andrade, Professor and Head of the Department of Psychopharmacology-Nimhans, addressed Principals at a seminar based on “Disturbance in mind and behavior and how to recognize them.” Ms. Geetha Somanathan - Principal, DMCS Banaswadi and Ms. R. Balasundari - Principal, DMCS Vidyaranyapura attended the seminar.

The Central Board of Secondary Education  appointed the Principal Ms Geetha Somanathan as observer for AISSCE/AISSE 2018 ( Class X & XII Board Examination) at Kendriya Vidyalaya, DRDO.

Ms. Fabiola & Ms.Shabina attended workshop on “English Communicative – Class X conducted in DPS , North.

Mr. Bhuwan Chandra attended a meeting by Assistant Commissioner of Police (East) with regard to de-congestion of traffic on 11th June.

Principal ,Ms Geetha Somanathan attended workshop for Master Trainers on “Career Guidance” conducted by the CBSE on the 29th& 30th of June at Centre for Management Studies, Lal Bagh.

The School Director Ms Vrinda Coutinho& Principals Ms.Geetha Somanathan& Ms Balasundari attended the K12-Confrence-2018 on “ Technology in Education” by Ed Tech Reviewat Taj Vivanta,  on 27th September.

Ms. Jane & Ms Shalini, Coordinators, Kinderfun attended workshop on “Early Childhood Care and Education” by Maduban Publication on 31st October.

Ms. Aruna attended the Pre Adult Leadership Training Course for Guide Captains by National Training Center, Doddaballapur State HDQ on 16th November .She also attended the  unit leader conference at Nirmal Nature Camp,Goa.

Ms Sughashini & Ms Mary Sabina attended an English workshop on “ ABCD of English Language Teaching ” by The Department of Macmillan Education.

Training for teachers by the Academic Advisor, Ms. Radha Krishnamurthy, on “Do s & Dont s” , “Evaluation of Answer scripts” & “How to prepare a good question paper”, was done.


Ms Aparna, CEO, Kid & Parent Foundation conducted workshop on 21st Century Parenting for parents of Grades V- XII on August 4tth .

Parents attended  workshop on “Breast Cancer Awareness” by Ms Maria on 11th August.

Workshop for senior students on “Danger among our Young Ones” by Dr. Mohan, Forensic Expert.

Workshop for parents (Grade X) and Senior students( Grade IX & X) on “Career Guidance” by Mr. Murlidhar S., Founder and CEO, Lodestar on 1st December.

Orientation of parents by representatives of IMAX – Mr. Peter and Mr. Sujith.

Orientation of parents by Sayandeet Dutta, Regional Manager, Edu Sports.

Ms. Usha Mukunda, conducted an enriching workshop on“ Quality Reading”, for students of grades -VII and VIII.

“Healthy Intestine for Long Life” by Ms Gopika Diwakar, Science Executive, Yakult  India Pvt. Ltd. On 28th August.

“Career Guidance” By Mr. Anil Kumar, Entrepreneur for students of Grades IX, X & XII on 17th Sept.

Workshop on career guidance was conducted by Ms Garima Kaushik for students of Grades IX, X & XII on 11th October.

Counselling session on “The importance of forgiveness” by Pastor Thomas Abraham for Grade X students.

Workshop on “National Level Civil Service Model Examination”  for students of Grade VI – X& XII by Jinto Mathew, Chief Executive Officer, RACE Solutions on 28th November.


This was the year’s School activities in a capsule. The smooth functioning of the institution calls for excellent team work and cooperation.

In conclusion, I take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the members of Deva Matha Educational Society for their guidance and support.

Thank you parents for your cooperation and encouragement. We assure you of our best endeavours always.

In the words of Oprah Winfrey - “Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new centre of gravity, don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand”.

The DMCS journey of achievements and accomplishments continues…

Thank you. Have a wonderful evening and God Bless!!

School Information

SCHOOL NAME                  -  Deva Matha Central School

ADDRESS OF SCHOOL      -  HRBR, Horamavu, Banaswadi, Bangalore

SCHOOL CODE                  -  06426

AFFILIATION CODE         -  830076



Name of The Principal Ms. Geetha Somanathan
Principal’s Contact Number 9243750079
Principal’s Email Id This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Principal’s Retirement Date 31/03/2026
School’s Contact Number 080-8904096570, 8904096571, 8904096572
School’s Fax Number -
School’s Email Id This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
School’s Website
Landmark near School SYCON Apartment
Year Of Establishment of School 1988
Affiliation Validity 2016 to 2021
Affiliation Status (Provisional/Regular) Provisional
Recognition Letter/ NOC Issuing Authority BEO
Recognition Letter/NOC Issuing Date 25/11/1988
Upload Recognition Letter/No Objection Certificate (NOC) YES
Name of The Trust/Society/Company Registered With Deva Matha Educational Society
Society Registration Number 397/1988-89
Registration Date, Validity and Expiry Date 25/11/1988

Students & Teachers Details



Sl. No. Name Qualification
1 Ms. Geetha Somanathan MA, CIE-Accredited, B Ed.
2 Mr. Bhuwan Chandra MA,  B Ed.
3 Ms. Fabiola Ann Ignatius MA, B Ed.
4 Ms. Sreevidya Pradeep B Sc, B Ed.
5 Ms. N G Anandhi B.Sc, B Ed.
6 Ms. Aswathy.R MCA
7 Ms. Sudipta Saha MA,  B Ed.
8 Ms. Vidya Saraswathi K MA, B Ed.
9 Ms. Hema Shankar B Sc,  B Ed.
10 Ms. Chanchal Rana MA, B Ed.
11 Ms. Prasitha Karunakaran B Sc,  B Ed.
12 Ms. Latha G M Sc , B Ed.
13 Ms. Indu A K B.Sc, B Ed.
14 Ms. Sibi Susan Jacob MA (Economics) B Ed.
15 Ms. Vachana M S  (B P Ed.)
16 Ms. Gizy Binu MA, B Ed.
17 Ms. Sujatha P B A, B Ed.
18 Ms Aditi BA , B Ed.
19 Ms. Anu Tom  BA, B Ed.
20 Ms. Shalini C D  MCA
21 Ms. Manjusha Nair MCA
22 Ms. Rajni Malhotra MA, B Ed.
23 Mr. Muniraja K V BA, B P Ed.
24 Mr. Lokesh T G M Sc, B Ed.
25 Ms. Banaja Sahoo MA, B Ed.
26 Ms. Jayashree Mohan M Sc, B Ed.
27 Ms. Amrutha K MA, B Ed.
28 Ms. Divya Sardana Singh B Sc, B Ed.


Sl. No. Class Total No. of Students
1 PN 25
2 LKG 80
3 UKG 96
4 I 177
5 II 195
6 III 161
7 IV 151
8 V 136
9 VI 110
10 VII 92
11 VIII 70
12 IX 75
13 X 64
14 XII 11

Fee Structure



Heads of fee PN-LKG-UKG Primary(I-IV) Middle(V-VIII) Secondary(IX-X)
Tuition Fees 42400 44200 50400 57200